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Cloud-Based Video Surveillance systems solve a number of upfront and ongoing issues for our clients.  It greatly reduces the upfront capital required to purchase an expensive on-premise Network Video Recorder, so clients can manage their cash much more easily.  Also, it takes away all the worry related to software patches, updates, glitches, etc.  It also is huge for network security concerns, as all the latest security updates happen sight unseen, administered by the Cloud Data Centers on behalf of the client.  It’s truly the most worry-free scenario for video surveillance available!

Similar to Cloud-Based CCTV, there are exciting new options available to the end-user for not only Cloud Solutions, but also ACaaS(Access Control as a Service).  It is now possible to have an entire Access Control System installed with only a small up front Activation Fee, and monthly ACaaS subscription payments thereafter.  These systems tout Lifetime Warranties on the equipment and the installation, so it truly reduces the client’s Cost of Ownership!

It’s really amazing what we’re able to provide for Patient Care in Arkansas Hospitals.  We’ve got full integrations with touchscreen Patient Boards, touchscreen Unit Boards, and Patient Room touchscreens that automatically update all the HIPAA-compliant patient care information automatically.  No more messy dry-erase boards to manage!  We’ve got fluid integrations with a variety of wellness TV platforms as well.  And of course we continue to provide really useful integrations with Staff Locating, Wireless Phones for voice & text, and Workflow Terminals, a favorite for many professional clinicians!

Yes, we can!  Intrepid is proud to be a partner, which means we can give you super-convenient real-time results ONLINE, for all your Life-Safety Test and Inspection needs!  No more searching for a bulky binder left by the other guys.  And we can test and inspect a multitude of different panels from different manufacturers!  You’ll also love our Monitoring prices vs. the other guys.

Absolutely! Intrepid employs highly-experienced project engineers that can fully design your fire alarm, nurse call, access control, video surveillance and data network systems. We also can design school intercom and intrusion alarm systems. We work with electrical engineers, general contractors and end-users to provide outstanding design work for virtually all low-voltage life-safety and security projects.

Intrepid would recommend a network design inclusive of Cat 6a cabling, connectors, jacks and appropriately rated patch panels and switches to support a 10-Gbps network speed. Most current deployed networks are operating on a 1-Gbps network speed paradigm. This would future proof your investment for many years to come.

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